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Many books and articles have been written about Tai Chi Chuan.

On the website we will address some unanswered questions, as well as share our knowledge on the vast subject of Traditional Tai Chi Chuan, Internal Energy, Internal Martial Arts, Meditation, Health & Chi Kung.

Tai Chi Alternative Health Magazine

Tai Chi & Alternative Healthis a leading International and UK best selling Tai Chi magazine. It is edited and published since 1994 by an International Tai Chi Master, John Ding. As from the 1st December 2013, the magazine will be published online commencing with Issue 74 as an e-magazine. 


Every issue features Tai Chi history, philosophy, theory and practices and views of leading masters. It is packed with more Tai Chi training tips, news, reviews, book and video offers and more. TCAH also carries a full range of  features on the practice and theory of other Alternative health therapies. In addition, all subscribers get 5% discount off all TCAH mail orders.

Annual Online Subscription Rate (4 issues)  £8 


2 Years Online Subscription rate (8 + 1 free issues) £14

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Book: 15 min Tai Chi, Strong Body Still Mind, Master John Ding with Dr. Alan Ding

The third title in our successful ‘15-Minute’ series, this practical and easy-to-use book reveals how to fit the popular stress-relieving art of Tai Chi into a busy Western lifestyle.

Tai Chi is becoming increasingly popular in the West and is the ideal form of exercise for a busy lifestyle, as it can be practised alone for short periods of time and has many healing and stress-relieving benefits.

In 15-Minute Tai Chi Master John Ding, the sixth generation of the Yang style Tai Chi Chuan the most widely practised style lays out an easy-to-follow plan that will bring the rewards of Tai Chi into even the busiest person’s life.

This book provides you with ten step-by-step, 15-minute routines that are suitable for beginners and address different health problems, making it easy to fit Tai Chi into your day.

The principles of Tai Chi such as breathing, relaxing and posture are explained clearly, as well as the health benefits of Tai Chi, how to bring the benefits and energy of Tai Chi into daily life and looking beyond- finding the right teacher for you.

Master John Ding also gives an overview of Tai Chi’s history and its relevance in the modern world.

With clear black and white photographs illustrating the different routines this is a clear and simple guide to Tai Chi.

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