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Tai Chi Challenge #2 - Foundation form repetition

After our increased Chi Kung practice, let’s move! This week it’s the Foundation Form. One of the joys of the Foundation Form is its compact nature, we don’t need a lot of space to practice and it doesn’t take too long. Unfortunately, that also means we finish just as we feel we’re getting started. We can fix that... As we know, in Tai Chi training, repetition is our friend. The more we repeat, the more we get into the zone. So, for this week we’ll be practicing the Foundation Form a number of times. Again, you can add this to your current training regimen if you like, now is the opportunity to stimulate our training by mixing things up a little. For all. Perform the Foundation Form 3 times in a row. As you do so, be mindful of the feel of the body. Does it feel the same each time? Or do repetitions 1, 2 & 3 feel different? In what way? Each subsequent day, add a repetition. So, on day 2, four reps, day 3, five reps, etc. Until on day 7 you’ll be performing the Foundation Form ten times in a row. How does it feel, beginning, middle and end? For those who have begun learning the Foundation Form but have not completed. Practice everything you can remember. This is different to practicing everything you can remember up until the first piece you can’t... Don’t give in! Then, repeat… Take care, look after yourself and each other. See you soon. Ross Cousens

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