Open Masterclass with Sifu Ding

November 3, 2015


Oct 24th 2015: Sifu Open Masterclass: Spiral


The topic for the day was Spiral: and it’s incorporation within Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. Without this essential element’s incorporation into our practice, we will be unable to bring energy from our structure in a manner that will penetrate our partners system. Without spiral, the intention is straight, easy to detect and deflect.


The day saw many new faces, some from close by, a number from afar. And adding those to the students from our MDA classes in Dublin, Kildare and Cork made for a busy day.


As always, classes are for form work, workshops and Masterclasses are for partner work, for it is through working with others that we learn, step by step, how to embody the principles.


At these events I always try to practice with everyone in the room, everyone pushes differently, and our ability to seamlessly integrate and work those principles is born out of contact with as many partners as possible.

And that opportunity was certainly present this day!


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