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Traditional Yang-style Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient form of exercise very suitable to the 21st century. In Tai Chi we explore the avenues and thresholds of our individual body, mind and spirit through a regime of simple structured exercises.


It can be practiced by people of all ages, regardless of their lifestyle or their health. 


The slow, flowing and coordinated movements control various functions of the body. The breath slows down and deepens. This balances the nervous system, which in turn increases the body´s vital energy. 


Tai Chi Chuan can help dissolve many physical problems, especially those caused by modern day stress and tension. It slowly builds strength, stamina and flexibility through the subtle realignment of body posture. Many people find profound improvements immediately. Click here for student testimonials.


Here are the three pillars upon which we build our practise.

- Chi Kung: centralising energy.
- Form practice: circulating energy.
- Gentle partner work: applying energy.

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