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Tai Chi Challenge #1 - Chi Kung practice

What else could it be but Chi Kung. For beginners: Establish and build a regular practice. Chi Kung 1, Eight postures. 1 minute per posture every day. If you can’t remember all postures, divide the eight minutes between the postures you can remember. Remember: The benefits of Chi Kung come from a consistent practice. You’ll get much more benefit from 8 minutes per day than 56min once per week. Intermediate: Start with 1 minute per posture per day on day 1. Each subsequent day add 10s to each posture totaling 2min10s per posture by day 7. Experienced: As per Intermediate but Chi Kung 2 or Chi Kung 3. For those of you who are already exceeding this, you know what to do.. If you haven’t already done so, the Master Ding Academy Chi Kung timer is a great tool for aiding your practice. You can find it on the App Store and Google Play: MDA Q Timer Enjoy Ross Cousens

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