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Tai Chi workshops 2024 in Dublin

These events are organised by Ross Cousens, Lead representative, Master Ding Academy Dublin.

Students of Tai Chi Classes Dublin are not automatically members of the Master Ding Academy! Membership fee is €30 per annum, which will include reduction on rates of workshops, retreats and more.

For those of you new to the Master Ding Academy, Sifu Ding’s visits are an opportunity to meet and work with other students and Instructors from within the organisation. And, of course, to meet, talk with and receive instruction from Master Ding directly. 

Saturday 9th November 2024: Open Masterclass

with Master John Ding

Chi, upon which Tai Chi is based.

How to cultivate, circulate and express internal energy.


A relaxed body and calm mind, both in stillness and in motion, are key to the flow of Chi. It is this unhindered flow that brings the physical and mental benefits that Tai Chi is famous for. During this Masterclass we’ll look at practices that develop and strengthen our cultivation, circulation, and expression of this energy through clearly explained and demonstrated exercises, both solo practices and partner work.


Sunday 10th November 2024: Open Masterclass with Master John Ding

Moving from the Centre.


A common error in partner work is tension in the arms and shoulders and confrontation at the point of contact. We can be calm and centered during solo practice, but our ability to maintain this quality during partner work can be frustratingly difficult. During this workshop we’ll be looking at how we can integrate our body as a whole and maintain the integration during partner work exercises.


Monday 11th – Thursday 14th November 2024: Cheung Kuen Se Ying: Long Fist Snake Form.


Following our successful 2023 Masterclass Master Ding will be returning to teach this rare form to those who are ready to learn. For those introduced to the Snake form previously, we will be focusing on correction, clarification, refinement, and applications.


If you’re interested in learning the Snake form, (it’s not for beginners), speak to Ross and we can organize.

Saturday July 20th & Sunday 21st July 2024:

Tai Chi Weapons: Dao, (Broadsword), two day workshop with Ross Cousens.

Open to those who have completed the Long form and have two or more years training experience. Those who have already tasted the Broadsword form, we’ll be looking at corrections and applications of the form. The Broadsword is the first of the Weapons taught in the traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan syllabus. It helps develop strength, flexibility and stamina while honing focus and stability.



Further details to follow.


To book your place, or if you have any questions, contact:


Ross Cousens

mob: 087 752 7013

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