Tai Chi weekend workshops 2022

These events are hosted by Ross Cousens

Master Ding Academy Dublin.

As always, open workshops are suitable for all levels of

practitioner. There is no minimum amount of experience

or expertise required as we will be spending the day on

fundamental principles as apply to all tai chi, not specific

movements or techniques. If you’re interested in learning,

you have what it takes to attend…

Students of Tai Chi Classes Dublin are not automatically

members of the Master Ding Academy! Membership fee is

€30 per annum, which includes 3 online Tai Chi magazines,

reduction on rates of workshops, retreats and more.


Masterclasses with Master Ding in Dublin 


10th, 11th & 12th June 2022.

Two open master classes will be held on Saturday and Sunday.

For those of you new to the Master Ding Academy, Sifu Ding’s visits are

an opportunity to meet and work with other students and Instructors

from within the organisation. And, of course, to meet, talk with and

receive instruction from Master Ding directly.


Friday June 10th: Instructor training day:


Saturday June 11th: Open Masterclass Tai Chi principles and Concepts: Stability through Structure. 


Open to all levels.


Tai Chi practice is a process of developing oneness of body and mind. It requires the balancing of disparate forces around us and bringing all into harmony. However, while balance is essential, it’s not enough. We need stability. While balance is all forces in equilibrium, stability is being able to maintain equilibrium when those forces change, sometimes suddenly. We’ll spend the day exploring the concept of Balance vs Stability, how external forces can compromise these and simple exercises to develop our ability to stay… stable.


Sunday June 12th: Open Masterclass Yin Yang concept: The Ebb and Flow of Tai Chi


Open to all levels.

The ancient Chinese text, the I Ching, states that nature is always in motion and that mankind should follow nature, and exercise and strengthen itself continuously. It also stresses that the balance of Yin and Yang energies – physically, mentally, and emotionally – are essential to mankind’s well-being. The practice of Tai Chi Chuan is the physical embodiment of this concept. We’ll spend the day exploring this, through simple, clearly explained partner work exercises. Through this practice we can begin to develop the strength to stand firm when we need to, the ability to yield when we should and the skill to move between the two, spontaneously, instantaneously, seamlessly.



All days will run from 10:00am – 4:00pm with a lunchbreak in the Carmelite Community Centre, 56 Aungier St, Dublin 2.





Saturday and Sunday Open Masterclass days rates:


Earlybird: (Payment received in full before 20th May)

MDA members: 1day €100, both days €175

Non members: 1day €110, both days €200

Standard rate:

MDA members: 1 day €130, both days €210

Non members: 1 day €140, both days €260

To book your place, or have any questions, contact Ross Cousens

Mob: 087 752 7013 


Master Alan Ding in Dublin October 2019.
Master Alan Ding in Dublin October 2019.

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Master John Ding
Master John Ding

Master John Ding

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Master's Alan & John Ding
Master's Alan & John Ding

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Master Alan Ding in Dublin October 2019.
Master Alan Ding in Dublin October 2019.

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