Tai Chi weekend workshops 2020

All dates under review

These events are hosted by Ross Cousens

Master Ding Academy Dublin.

As always, open workshops are suitable for all levels of

practitioner. There is no minimum amount of experience

or expertise required as we will be spending the day on

fundamental principles as apply to all tai chi, not specific

movements or techniques. If you’re interested in learning,

you have what it takes to attend…


Masterclasses with Master Ding in Dublin 

October 2nd, 3rd  & 4th  


Oct 2nd 10am-4pm:  Instructor training. 

Location Liam Rodgers Community Centre, Swords 



Oct 3rd 10am-4pm:  Open Masterclass. 

Topic:  Sinking and Rooting. 

Location: Donahies Community School Gym 


A hallmark of good Tai Chi practice is a form or posture that’s settled and rooted. These characteristics allow both static postures and movements to be simultaneously relaxed and very stable. 


Oct 4th  9am-3pm:  Open Masterclass: 

Topic:  Connection and Flow. 

Location: Donahies Community School Gym 


The movement of the form should flow like a mighty river, no corners, no breaks. Similarly the body should flow as one interconnected unit.  


Suitable for all levels including beginners. 


Earlybird: (Payment received in full before Sept 26th) 

MDA members: 1day €100, both days €175 

Non members: 1day €110, both days €200 


Standard rate:  

MDA members: 1 day €130, both days €210 

Non members: 1 day €140, both days €260 


Open Workshops with Ross Cousens 2020


Nov 21st 10am-4pm 

Open workshop: Ta Lu 


Ta Lu is a two person set where both prctitioners learn how to feel oncoming force, adhere to their partners movements, neutralize incoming force and when appropriate, project power. We will spend the day learning and deepening our understanding of 3 Step Ta Lu, Four Corners and Ta Lu form, as appropriate. 

Suitable for all levels including beginners. 


Location: Donahies Community School Gym 


Early bird: (Payment received in full before Nov 16th) 


MDA members: €70 

Nonmembers: €80 

Standard rate: MDA members: €80 

Non members: €90

If you’re interested in attending, contact Ross Cousens 087 752 7013 or ross@masterdingacademy.com

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