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Tai Chi Dublin

Class structure


We have an open and friendly policy in our classes. Everybody learns the same exercises, the primary objective is to cater for the student´s individual needs. The classes are mixed levels.


Chi Kung 

Chi Kung is also called "standing like a pole or as a tree." The goal in Chi Kung is to cultivate, focus and centralise the flow of Chi energy in the body, to quieten the mind and to improve balance and body posture.

Taoist core exercises

The core exercises are a sequence of simple warm-up and stretching exercises to prepare the body for the main part of the class. 


Tai Chi Form
Beginners learn the foundation form which is distilled by Master Ding from the traditional 108-move Yang Style long form. After learning the foundation form students move on to learn the long form. 

These forms are a series of linked postures specifically designed to circulate the energy around the body. Practising the form helps to dissolve tension in the muscles and joints.


Partner work​

Partner work for beginners generally involves some gentle posture testing. Posture testing fundamentally explores the threshold of our stability in a safe, healthy, helpful and collaborative way. Students who have finished the long form will be introduced into Push hands and applications. Partner work heightens sensitivity and expands awareness. But most importantly, IT IS FUN.


Settling breathing exercises
A short sequence of standing deep breathing exercises to settle the well worked body's system at the end of the class.

Find further details regarding Tai Chi Beginners Courses here.

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