Henryka & Colm


Tai chi gives me more energy. My balance has improved. I like the combination of slow movements that make up the form. As an instructor Declan is very detailed, positive and inclusive.



My flexibility has improved and the pain in my left shoulder has disappeared. I have better balance, my posture has improved and I sit straighter. Declan is an excellent instructor, very patient and encouraging.



What I enjoy most in class is the form. It's beautiful. Tai Chi helped me to strengthen my core after giving birth. I am now much more aware of my posture. Nicole is very patient. She can always figure out what works for each student.


Lantern Centre

Tai Chi has made me more aware of my body. It helps me to strengthen and relax my body. It is a technique that helps me to unwind from everyday stress. Nicole is easy going. I like her attention to detail on an individual level.



My corrected posture is already improving my singing. Also it lessened lower back pain during long walks.

I enjoy the relaxed approach to learning the discipline of the short form and the partner work. Nicole teaches attentively and inclusively.



Nicole is a great teacher, patient, easy to follow instructions. Also I enjoy the partner work she does with us to show us the original intention of a particular move and also its application as a defense move, which I had not done before, and I found that very helpful in improving my understanding of the form.
My balance has improved enormously, I am more relaxed and focused. And it has improved my core strength.
I like tai chi because it is low impact with minimal stress on joints and the fact that it can be done anywhere. 

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