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Terenure class

I started practising Tai Chi during the lockdown in 2021, at first online via Zoom and then I joined the in-person classes later in the year.

Tai Chi brings me a sense of calm and balance. It has helped my Golf immensely – the weight shift in Tai Chi is similar to the correct weight shift in the golf swing. I now use my Tai Chi warm up exercises before every round.

I have really enjoyed learning the Long Form. But I have to say the partner work at the Master Ding Academy workshop in Dublin blew me away.


Declan and Nicole are both great teachers, because they approach it so differently, yet with the exact same underlying core message and instruction.


Lantern Centre class

I started in 2015. Tai Chi has made me more aware of my body. It helps me to strengthen and relax my body. It is a technique that helps me to unwind from everyday stress. Nicole is easy going. I like her attention to detail on an individual level.


Fairview class

The greatest benefit I have noticed since starting practice is lower stress levels due to an increased ability to practice being in the moment.

I have found the practice of Tai Chi, particularly Qigong, to be very helpful in calming both body and mind. It is very easy to practice, you can do it just about anywhere, no kit is needed, you don't need a gym or pool, just grab a spare few minutes and off you go! I like that there's always more to learn which engages the mind as well as the body.

I think that our 2 instructors compliment each other very well; each has their own way of explaining the form, and often  find the different explanations allow the information sink in deeper!

I love that everyone can practice at their own pace, always starting from where you are, not where you think you should be. This has very positive implications for other areas in our lives.


Ringsend class

I started practising Tai Chi in 2018. I enjoy practicing the form and value the time I devote to it.


I enjoy the fact that it is a small class, as it means we all get lots of personal attention. I enjoy learning new parts of the form and having the opportunity to have them clearly explained to me.

I also enjoy the other people in the class and the fact that some of us go for a coffee afterwards.


I enjoy Declan’s style of instruction, his overall manner, his sense of humour and his ability to ensure that everyone is included equally, whatever the level.

I also appreciate that Declan comes along for coffee and is happy to share further stories.


I have incorporated some of the exercises into my gym regime and also practice my Tai Chi in the gym (despite the music), which sometimes leads to strange looks, though only one person has ever asked me about it.


Drumcondra class

I joined in January 2016.  I feel much more mobile , I have a lot of arthritis and have noticed a significant reduction in my symptoms. I also find I have tools to relax me in stressful situations such as focusing on "sinking my shoulders and lifting my spirit". 


I love the energy and camaraderie in the room, it is a pleasure to attend the class. Even I go in a low mood I come home in great form. There is a feeling of a common journey. 

I find Declan and Nicole very good. They are endlessly patient and work with people on individual levels , everyone is encouraged to progress at their own level . They bring a lighthearted approach to their teaching while being very effective. 

Anna May

Terenure class

I started practising Tai Chi in September 2018. It is helping me to maintain and improve my flexibility and balance  – both important to me as I get older.  


The class is an  opportunity to learn and practice, in a friendly atmosphere, a  type of exercise that is at once gentle and demanding.


The instructors create a professional and friendly environment which allows each participant to develop at their own pace. They also look for ongoing feedback on any aspects of the exercise with which individual participants  might be having difficulty.


Fairview class

The main benefit, I think, is awareness of how energy flows in the body and mind, how to increase it, and the intimate connection of body and mind in the flow of energy. This awareness has helped to stay more grounded and reduce or avoid stress. 


I love the actual practice of tai chi, the well-organised structure of the class, and the sense of comradeship that grows from practicing with other students.

The instructors are everything (well almost!) in learning this practice, as indeed any practice. Declan and Nicole are brilliant instructors who embody the best of what tai chi aspires to.  With two instructors in each class, students essentially get two instructors for the price of one! Both are masterful in the art of instructing and every student gets the level of attention they need for their level.  


I'm always amazed how, in almost every class, I hear or experience something that is both profoundly wise but also down-to-earth. Tai chi really is a practice that carries a whole way of looking at the world.


Terenure class

I joined a beginners course in September 2019. Tai Chi compliments and enhances my mindfulness practice and general well being. challenge of movement - remembering individual pieces and physical discipline at same time enjoying the calm and flow when I experience/ glimpse it.

The instructors are very observant and helpful to each individual , no sense of pressure but very professional


I enjoyed my first foray into Tai Chi .  


Fairview class

I started Tai Chi 30 years ago but took a break for 25, and returned to Tai Chi Chuan, 4 years ago.

When I came back to classes, I had acute arthritis, in feet, ankles, knees, hips, back, hands and shoulders. Mobility was a major part  of my recovery and the Tai Chi movements helped enormously. I'd recommend this form of gentle exercise for recuperation from any illness.

Learning more Tai Chi Chuan is, for me, the most enjoyable part of the class, but it can also be the most frustrating. I think this may be the "Yin and Yang".

Of course, the classes wouldn't be the same without the camaraderie between teachers and students, students and students, between all. A relaxed atmosphere, and great fun.

The instructors are unique in that, their knowledge, honesty, patience, time and selflessness are just that - unique. I've been to a lot of classes and I've yet to meet their equal.


Drumcondra class

I started Tai Chi class in August 2018 and find it a very calming experience while it is still physical exercise.

I like doing the form together as a group. It's a pleasant experience and you can watch people who are further on.  I am getting to value the partner work as it helps to understand Tai Chi as a whole.

 I like the class structure. I think the instructors are very knowledgeable and patient especially as there are different levels in the class which is challenging. 

I think Tai Chi is a committment rather than just exercise and I am enjoying the learning process.


Drumcondra class

I started in May 2018. Since then my posture has become more aligned. Im running faster and my running body form is improved. Im more centred and grounded in myself. I sleep deeply after the practice.

I like practicing with the group because the energy feels stronger and very relaxing. I like the understanding of the uses of each part of the practice.

The instructors are very thorough, positive no matter how the practice goes. I love the deep understanding and wisdom of what the instructors say about each position that can relate to life experiences. So glad I found Declan & Nicole.

I find that I'm bringing the wisdom of the practice into daily life & work life and life is becoming simpler and I'm more present to my body and mind in the moment. The group are a super bunch.


DanceHouse class

I started in 2016. What I enjoy most in class is the form. It's beautiful. Tai Chi helped me to strengthen my core after giving birth. I am now much more aware of my posture. Nicole is very patient. She can always figure out what works for each student.

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