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MDA testimonials

Master John Ding is visiting Dublin twice a year for a weekend of Tai Chi workshops. These are open master classes and are attended by all levels of Tai Chi practitioners. Here are some feedbacks from our students who have attended the workshops. Here is the link to the upcoming dates.


I enjoyed the workshop with Master John Ding; I think something really clicked for me. Particularly how integral the notion of intention is when it comes to applying one's energy. And tangentially to that, how important mental state is, particularly in partner work, when you're trying to adapt to someone else's energy. I found that I'd sometimes get frustrated not being able to push or move people, but then, if I let that go, I could focus more.

Also, I think the fact that we went through some of the practical applications of the forms (e.g. brush-knee push) just gave me a better appreciation and understanding of *why* the movements exist.


I was able for the first time to feel the energy straight in the belly from some of the people. I had very little sore back/arms, days after the workshop. I had, instead, a very quiet mind for at least one week; I felt energetic and very connected.

I had a better understanding of how to use the hips and I understood where I have to work to get a more 'rooted' position. Definitely, I had an improved and a very pleasant experience at the workshop with Master Ding in Dublin.


Personally experiencing what had been demonstrated gave me a much greater understanding of what I was attempting to do. I was surprised at just how much feedback we could give to each other with regard to the point at which we had relaxed our physical strength and flowed into energy. A very enjoyable day which deepened my understanding of what is at the core of Tai Chi and the experience has helped me to focus more on structure, energy and intent when practising.


I wasn't sure if I would have the strength to attend both days and although it was a struggle to get out of bed for the 2nd day it was worth it.

Key takeaways:

Focus on softening my posture

Open and close spiral

Connecting with the opponent

Projection of the gaze

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