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Book review: 15 Min Tai Chi

Updated: May 13, 2021

Many books I have read on Tai Chi Chuan are either only applicable to the school or style that the book professes, or simply too vague and not really helpful. So, '15 Minute Tai Chi' is sharp, concise, informative, practical, and thankfully, directly connected to our style, Yang and delivered by the source of the school, Master John Ding.

I read it a few years after learning the form. I was glad I did because it clarified a lot of moves for me from home in situ while practicing. And it made more sense to me at that point.

I cannot recommend it enough. It is out of print but floats around through the hands of many. I was on the set of an Irish TV programme and I found a copy of it there in the green room, where folks hang out. I feel that this passing around of such a book is very important because you only need the book for a short time.

So, if you have finished the short form and are interested in consolidating conceptually in your mind what you are practicing, I would say grab a copy of this book. And then pass it on. (Check out Amazon for second hand copies)



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