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Returning to Tai Chi

No matter how long your break has been, or how little you think you do remember, Tai Chi practice may have brought some goodness into your life. We are writing this to let you know that our doors are always open for you to return to class.

Stick your toe back in the water. There´s no need to restart your practice at the intensity you achieved previously. In fact that´s a mistake. For your practice at home we have some ideas to get you started:

1. Chi Kung practice. Maybe begin with doing sitting Chi Kung. One minute each position. Or revisit standing Chi Kung by a) standing with legs straight, hands by the side for one minute. b) Then bend the knees and stay in the second position (Raising the ball - hands to mouth height) for a minute. c) Then bring the hands to the centre and straighten the legs for one minute. Do this for one week. Then increase section b) by a minute each week.

2. Exercises. There are twelve exercises. Maybe begin with picking one out and repeating it for a week. For instance, the bending/squatting down one - Phoenix Rises might be useful one with which to start.

3. Form. If you do know the long form, divide what you know of the form up over several days. Or do what you know of the from. Then watch one of the study aid videos of the from. Then repeat what you know.

Tease your mind and body back into training.

Take small steps, decide what is achievable and work towards it.

We are always here to help guide your practice, so even if you do not intend to return to class immediately, reach out, don't be shy.



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