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Tai Chi Challenge #10 - Persistence

Updated: May 19, 2020

We’re ten weeks into our challenges and while it’s possible we might have some small outdoor sessions beginning soon, we’re still a way away from regular classes. The road is a little longer yet… we have to be careful. It’s when we’ve been putting in much hard work but are yet to realize hoped for benefits, that we’re at risk of putting down the baton. Now’s the time when we need to ensure we’re keeping up our practice, as well as we can. We look for the small joys in our activities while allowing the bigger benefits to arrive in their own time. Below are some comments from current Tai Chi practitioners, with experience ranging from relative novice to instructor level, that they would give to their younger selves: - Be patient and endure any hardships but most importantly enjoy the moment - Don’t rush or panic, ask questions, practice at home whenever you remember - Give it a chance, be patient - Set your own goals/intents/focus - Don’t worry about forgetting the moves, tai chi is a journey that never ends, there’s always something to forget - When you feel it’s a long way to go, keep going, don’t give up - Keep practicing, if I can do it then you can - No prior experience is required, anyone can learn the movements, but practice is needed to refine them - Do it now - Pay attention to details and try as hard as you can - Persist with training - Get a cushy job so that you can train properly - Take it slowly and build each posture before moving on in spite of the desire to complete the form as it is easier to build on correct postures than to revise and unlearn if you rush it. There’s a theme coming through there… There are times when keeping on going, regardless of how we feel, is the challenge. In fact, if we learn only one thing, and that’s how to get up and keep going after we fall, that alone is worth the effort. Challenge Week 10: Read through that list again. Persist. Endure.

Ross Cousens



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