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Tai Chi Challenge #11 - Old life, New life - choose a direction

While we’re certainly some time away from a new normal, things are starting to open up, slowly… Many of us has had a great opportunity over the last couple of months, we’ve all had to hit the pause button on many of the facets of our lives, and in so doing, have found much dead wood clinging to our tree. Under the pressures of the recent months much of this dead wood has fallen away. Interestingly this creates space, space for new shoots to grow, quite possibly in new and interesting directions. So, we’ve been through a tough time, some dead wood has fallen, space has been created, a space that we can grow into purposefully. We have an opportunity to choose to grow in a direction we wish to, not one we’re forced to. Chances like this don’t come along every day. I’ve always believed that we can’t make opportunities come our way, but we can do our best to be ready to be able to capitalize on that opportunity when it does. Right now, we have an opportunity to choose a direction. Challenge 11: We’ve had time to practice and to experiment with different ways of practicing. What’s worked? What hasn’t? Soon time will be short once more, take the time now to reflect on the learnings of the recent months. Decide which practices to bring forwards. Make a plan that you can stick with, start it this week, refine it to ensure its achievable and maintainable. Rinse and repeat… Happy training.

Ross Cousens



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