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Tai Chi Challenge #5 - 10 essential principals

The third generation Yang Family member, Yang Cheng Fu, is widely recognised as consolidating his family Tai Chi into the form we see today. Part of this process was the writing of his ’10 Essential Principles’ In short: - Empty the thoughts and raise the spirit - Hollow the chest to raise the back - Loosen the waist - Distinguish between substantial and insubstantial - Sink the shoulder and weight down the elbow - Use intention and not physical strength - Coordinate both upper and lower body - Internal and External together - Continuity without breakage - Seek stillness in movement Source: Tai Chi Chuan Revelations. Ip Tai Tak. This week’s challenge is twofold: Firstly, take one of these Principles and focus on it within all your practices, Chi Kung and Form. Stay with the same principle for the whole week, giving your body time to settle into it. Be careful not to push or reach too actively, be mindful as you practice and let it settle in naturally. Secondly, take that same principle and experiment with it in one everyday activity. It could be while going for a walk, or during a normal activity at home ie mowing the lawn, peeling potatoes, gardening… The choice is yours. Again, don’t force it, just let it settle in. The embodiment of the principles is a process that happens gradually over time. Think of it as less hammering in a nail and more soaking in a bath… Enjoy!

Ross Cousens

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