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Tai Chi Challenge # 9 - More Chi Kung

Anyone spending any appreciable time with Master Ding will undoubtably have heard the answer for all questions: More Chi Kung. It’s the first of the three pillars of our practice, it builds the base upon which our Tai Chi grows. It’s no coincidence that Chi Kung was the very first of our Tai Chi Challenges all those weeks ago. But what does More Chi Kung mean? Does it mean I should be practicing for longer each day? Should I be practicing deeper/more intensely? Should I be practicing multiple times per day? Or is more simply, keep doing what I’m doing, today, tomorrow and further into the future? Hands up who thinks they know the answer… Of course, there’s no ‘one best’ answer. As always, our answer is dictated by context. How long have I been practicing? Have I had hands on correction from a qualified Instructor? What is my body telling me? The answers to all these questions help us understand what More Chi Kung means, at this moment in time. And you can guarantee that as time moves on, this will change, if it didn’t, we would be static, stuck, our progression stalled. Challenge 9: A question for you: What does More Chi Kung mean to you? Where are you now? Where is your practice now? Has it become easy, a thing to do each day? Or does it hold challenges still to be resolved? Is your practice pushing you forwards? Or is it time to move on, to do ‘More’.

Ross Cousens

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