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The three pillars of Tai Chi practice

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Our Tai Chi practice is based on these three pillars:

Chi Kung - building energy

Tai Chi form practice - circulating energy

Partner work - applying energy

Our Tai Chi skills are dependant on the development of these three pillars.

Due to Covid restrictions we haven't done any partner work up to now. We are going to introduce it slowly back into class.

Partner work entails static and dynamic posture testing, and getting to know some of the applications of the form movements. It is important to note that it is partner work and not opponent work. Both the tester and the tested nurture each other's growth.

It is easier to be relaxed, coordinated and rooted if you are practising on your own. If a partner tests you with the correct level of pressure this will put your achieved level of skill under the microscope and it will help you to grow faster.

The integrity of a trees stability is dependant on the depth of its roots and the force of the wind, so is the measurement of our Tai Chi skills dependant on the quality of partner work practice.

Master John Ding correcting and testing a students posture



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